Call Management: Quality Contact Centre

Call Management have always focused on delivering a quality based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. We focus on adding value for our clients and their customers, thus allowing us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

Value proposition:

Clients who outsource their reception/contact centre and administrative headaches to us are realising an average of 66% saving on their manpower requirements. Our ISO Certified Contact Centre has a proven track record in building exceptional customer relationships. What makes us unique is our ability to adapt to our clients individual needs. It is our adaptability & record in exceeding our customers’ expectations that make us their partner of choice. We are a Quality Contact Centre.

This quality enhancement is being aided by the following:-

– Business model review

We have become industry leaders in this relatively new field. Our existing client based is expanding their CRM package to include live chat and e-mail handling and they trust us to deliver the chosen solution. We have also been referred and also used a s consultants by some new clients as they are not familiar with the sector but know that they need to implement it.

As a result we have been recommended for contracts that allow us to demonstrate our skill set and advise our clients on future progressions.

– Provider selection

Introducing new services required us to select new suppliers that fulfilled our service requirements and growing needs. Selecting the best bespoke software helped to increase our service quality levels and our ability to create meaningful reports for our clients. Hence we can give added value by providing more useful information to our clients in the most time-efficient manner.

– Employee performance

We believe that our biggest asset is our employees. Providing a comfortable working environment, and valuing their contribution helps to improve the quality of their performance. We have developed an employee program where training, coaching, rewards and career development are addressed. This allows us to have one of the lowest attrition rates of the Call centre industry.

Furthermore, we encourage free communication between employees and board members. And all our team work in an open plan office with no boundaries where directors, key account managers and agents are allowed to mix and are encouraged to give their opinions.

Hence, we encourage a non hierarchical communication structure within our open plan office.

– Long term relationships with clients

We work very closely with our clients and help develop CRM solutions to increase current and future efficiencies. CRM is our area of expertise so if we see an opportunity for our clients to improve their customer offering we will present it to them and whether they implement it or not is their decision. We will also recommend removing services that are not delivering on their customer satisfaction targets.
The CRM filed lends itself to the customer intimacy business approach. As a large proportion of the deliverables are subjective and people driven. It is vital that our clients trust us to deliver a top class service with total confidence. They must feel comfortable in allowing their outsourcer of choice to deliver their CRM solution with minimum day to day supervision so that they can concentrate on their business.

In reality, every company is allocated a key account manager and a back up; hence, everyone has a contact point and a personal approach, with a wide knowledge of their business needs. We can supply you with shared or dedicated agent support and depending on volume and seasonality you can switch between the two models.