Out of Hours Overflow

Out of Hours / Overflow

Customer call volumes can fluctuate before and after promotional campaigns. You can also experience seasonal surges during Christmas and the summer holidays. Unanswered calls means lost business and unhappy customers. Call Management’s Overflow and Out-of-hours service let you deal with peaks in demand while keeping your costs under control.

How The Out of Hours / Overflow Service Works

First we allocate a dedicated Account Manager to your company. The Account Manager will meet with you to understand your products and services, your customers and your current call handling procedures. Next, you divert your calls to us when you can’t answer them e.g. when your line is engaged, when you don’t answer or during specific time periods. We run a trial period where we start answering your overflow calls while you monitor our performance. We quickly get to know your staff, your customers and how you like to work. Once you’re happy that we are managing all overflow calls quickly and efficiently we take it from there, with no fuss and no additional effort required from you.

Our call handling technology automatically routes your incoming calls to your dedicated team here at Call Management. One of the team members answers calls in your company’s name, using your preferred script. She will capture and forward any messages for you via email or SMS. Effectively we become part of your business, seamlessly handling calls on your behalf.

We record all calls for analysis and quality assurance. We also provide daily, weekly and monthly reports so you can assess our performance in areas such as initial response time and time-to-resolution.

Benefits of Call Management’s Overflow and Out-of-Hours Service

  • Improved Customer Service – You can provide great customer service even during peak demand. Your customers won’t know their call is being managed by an outside service provider.
  • Cost Effective – you only pay for the services you use; you don’t have the overheads of additional part-time or fulltime staff such as salary, sick days and annual leave.
  • Flexible – we can handle surges in demand throughout the year. You can reduce or increase the level of service at any time.