Order & Book Tickets

Call Management provides a full online ticket ordering and booking service. We can help you manage ticket ordering for a one-off event or ongoing ticketing support for cinemas and for sports, music and other recurring events. Call Management works with some of the largest online ticket booking agents either on a 24/7 basis or as an overflow call service.

Our Ticketing Services

  • Ticket Sales – we manage the sales of different ticket types, including management of Event Management - Call Managementseating allocation and multiple venues. Payments are taken by credit card.
  • Online Update of Sales Information – we update the sales information in real-time to your booking system.
  • Cross-Sales and Up-Selling – our agents can present additional sales offers and accommodation packages at the time of sale.
  • Post-Sales Support – we can provide post-sales support to customers in the event of cancellations or other unexpected events.

How The Ticket Ordering and Booking Service Works

Incoming ticket enquiries are answered in your name. We provide the caller with full details of the event, check the best options for each customer, capture the customer’s details and complete the sale. Our agents log all this information into your system and provide the client with a reference number and preferred option for collecting their tickets (on site, by post or e-ticket).

We can process bookings via your existing booking system using a secure VPN link or web portal. Or you can use one of our existing software packages for ticket handling.

Specialized agent training, regular satisfaction measurement and our ISO-certified quality management system ensure we deliver a consistently high quality service to your customers.

Benefits Of Our Order and Booking Ticket Service

  • Flexibility – we can provide overflow support at short notice for one event or handle the entire ticket response requirements for multiple events in multiple locations.
  • Real-time sales information – we update your systems in realtime so you can see at a glance how ticket sales are progressing.
  • Quality of service – we have an ISO 9001 certified quality management system focused on delivering the best possible service to you and your customers.
  • Cost effective – you pay only for the service provided, with no long term commitments or staffing issues.