Call Center Overflow Telephone Answering Service

We can answer calls that might otherwise be missed.

Call Management provides a contingency plan for phone lines. If your caller ring your company but the in house team of agents are busy and unable to answer, calls may be missed.

Call Mangement provides a solution.

If after (say 3 rings) the call hasn’t been answered, Call Management agents will answer in your business’ name. Your IT department will set it up so that the calls will be routed to a dedicated line in our office.

Call Management can then answer the caller & help them via FAQ and first point of resolution. If we are unable to resolve the callers’ queries we can do the following:

  • Transfer the call live back to with an announced transfer.
  • Log the call, send an e-mail and advise the caller that our customer service team will ring them back once they have done a preliminary investigation.

We can tailor our services to suit your requirements.

To receive a quote for any of our services Contact us on +353 12477814.