Telephone Answering Service

When it comes to customer service, Call Management is one of the most capable and adaptable companies both in Ireland and abroad. Call Management was founded in 2001 and since then we have been committed to providing a high quality telephone answering service to all our clients.

Outsourcing customer service and telephone answering duties to a third party is a common feature in different sectors: the public sector, e-business, healthcare, professional services, automotive dealers, retail, finance and/or travel. In the current economic climate it makes sense to hand over your customer service services to our highly skilled staff for very competitive prices.

Telephone Answering Services:

How does our Telephone Answering Service work?

Our call centre agents can answer your calls in your name any time of the day: we are a 24 / 7 call centre.

Your business can choose the hours that our call centre will provide you with the telephone answering service:

  • Office hours telephone answering service: Our call centre will answer your callers in your company name during office hours. This service allows you to concentrate on your core business without missing a call. We can collect a range of information for you and send it to your team by e-mail, voice transfer & text. 
  • After-hours telephone answering service: Do you need to provide your clients and potential clients with an After Hours Support Service? Outsourcing may be the solution. We will answer your callers in your company name and in the event of an emergency escalate the call to your on-call team. Non urgent calls will be logged for your office hours support team. 
  • 24 / 7 telephone answering service: Your phones will be answered by our call centre agents 24 by 7. We can even split the service during office hours handle routine queries as per your procedure and provide a first call resolution service. Each client is unique so we can tailor the service to the way you want it. It can be used as a customer support line, order confirmation line, let us know your requirements: Read more about the 24/7 telephone answering service.
  • Emergency telephone answering service: Our Call centre will assist your clients when they most need assistance. Following your process and procedures, our agents will determine the type of emergency and escalate to your relevant employees. Ideal for companies with contracted response times such as software programming companies, telecoms and property management etc. Read more about the emergency telephone answering Service.
  • Other requirements: We tailor made all our services. We can offer you Overflow telephone answering service, lunch coverholiday cover and much more.


Reasons to use a telephone answering service

The reasons to use a telephone answering service vary depending on the  business and sector; however, the main reasons and benefits of outsourcing to a call centre are:

  • More time for what really matters to your business: A telephone answering service will help you  concentrate on your core business without missing any opportunity. The technical capacity of our call centre increases the number of enquiries our clients can receive at one time. We can answer up to 64 phone calls simultaneously to your dedicated number.
  • Only pay for what you need: Outsourcing to a call centre allows you to choose between dedicated and shared resources according your business requirements. This will impact positively on your cash flow and reduce your costs.
  • Open for business at all times in a consistently professional way:
    Our team is ISO 9001 certified and has been awarded with the “Excellence through People” accreditation. Find out more about our team in the “Meet the team” section.