Examples of telephone answering cover


  • Advice callers about options
  • Explain services and products
  • Assist with the creation of an account
  • Process payments
  • Follow orders
  • Cancel orders
  • Process refunds

Call Management has a broad experience supporting sales for its clients. We usually support purchases answering common questions and assisting callers through the payment process.

Call Management can process bookings via your existing booking system using a secure VPN link or web portal. You can also avail of our existing software packages.

This service is ideal for e-commerce website and Internet leader companies.


  • All call accessible through the website, sent by e-mail or sent to your mobile phone
  • Forget the hiring process
  • Reduce hours of in house training
  • Don’t be afraid of the staff attrition rate (we have one of the lowest on the industry, year on year 8% average)
  • Provide the right answer to any question (We follow your script)

Integrate our corporate Telephone Answering Service in your business.

Briefed by you on your business, your Call Management Team will quickly get to know your staff, your clients and how you like to work.

Call Management can provide you with your own dedicated team.

With every call we take for you, our state of the art call handling technology not only automatically displays your business details, but also your preferred welcoming script which is delivered by trained, friendly, and professional Staff.


  • Customer Service – we make it easier for your customer to pay at a time that suits them.
  • Improved Payments – you are available to take more payments both in and out of office hours.
  • Improved Collections – for customers that need a reminder to pay, we do it in a polite, professional way that encourages prompt payment without damaging your business relationship.

Paying by phone is really convenient for your customers but it can add to your workload, particularly if customers want to pay outside normal working hours. Let Call Management handle your incoming payments quickly and securely. We provide accurate and efficient payment processing that makes it easy for your customers to pay. When your customers call we log their details, take their account number and card details and process their payment within seconds. And we can provide the service in the evenings and at weekends so your customers can pay when it suits them.

All calls are recorded and we encourage you to periodically monitor calls to ensure we adhere to best practice.


  • 24 Hour Hotline: phone lines opens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to process recalls and answer questions.
  • Notification: Reach out to potentially affected customers so that they will understand the extent and nature of the recall.
  • Processing: Our agents explain to customers  how to comply with the recall and process their returns and replacements.
  • Product Return Management: Get detailed reports on how many and where products have been returned.
  • Custom Recall Escalation Procedures: Create a dynamic plan of action that change as the situation does.

Call Management handle product recalls from toys, cars, food, electronics, etc. Our professional and well trained help desk is here to help your enterprise and your customers.

A product recall can have a drastic effect on the day-to-day operations of your company. We know that recalls must not compromise the perceived integrity of your products or adversely affect relationships with customers. We handle all aspects of the product recalls from set-up and launch to management and customer service.

When product recalls do happen it is important to have a trustworthy third-party service that will satisfy customer grievances tactfully.  As calls spike in the early process, you require a considerably larger staff than usual. Here is how having a professional call centre on hand to help is essential.


  • Call Management can provide you with freephone or lo call phone numbers to compliment your TV, Radio, online and off line media campaigns
  • Our donation lines and membership are open 24 hours 7 days a week.

Call management will answer the phone in your charities name and attain all the relevant information such as callers name, address, e-mail address, contact phone number, credit card details and how much they wish to donate and most importantly if they wish to receive a receipt for tax purposes.

We can process the payments in house, mail brochures and follow up on e-mail requests based on your instructions and time allocation.


  • Customer satisfaction – by responding fast and effectively to complaints and resolving most issues within one call we keep your customers happy.
  • Reduced Administration – outsourcing complaint handling to us means you free up time to focus on improving overall service delivery.
  • Increased Customer Loyalty – Research shows that efficiently resolving customer complaints has a positive effect on sales.
  • Continuous Improvement – we analyze call data to help you reduce the causes of complaints and improve the speed of resolution.
  • Cost Effective – when you outsource to Call Management you pay only for the work delivered, not other overheads such as staff administration, sick pay or holiday leave.

Dealing with customer complaints requires skill and sensitivity. We help you respond to complaints effectively so that problems are resolved and your customers remain loyal. We look for the fastest way to resolve the issue for your customer, turning a problem into an opportunity for your company to shine.

We allocate a dedicated Call Management Account Manager to your company. Our Account Manager will meet with you to understand the current complaints handling procedures, offering suggestions where we think we can improve the current process. Where appropriate we seek authorization to offer discounts or a full refund so we can resolve most complaints during the first call. We also clearly identify those special cases where the call will have to be escalated to someone on your team for approval.