Office Hours Telephone Answering Service

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Call Management offers Telephone Answering Service for your office hours.

Briefed by you on your business, your Call Management Team will quickly get to know your staff, your clients and how you like to work. With every call we take for you, our state of the art call handling technology not only automatically displays your business details, but also your preferred welcoming script which is delivered by trained, friendly, and professional Staff.

Benefits of our Office Hours Telephone Answering Service:

  • Forget the hiring process
  • Reduce hours of in house training
  • Don’t be afraid of the staff attrition rate (we have one of the lowest on the industry, year on year 8% average)
  • Provide the right answer to any question (We follow your script)
  • Dedicated or shared team according to your needs
  • All call accessible through the website, sent by e-mail or sent to your mobile phone
  • Don’t miss an opportunity never more!
  • ISO Certified Call Centre
  • Data Protection compliant

Call Management contact centre can provide you with:

To get a quote for our Office Hours Telephone Answering Service Contact us on +353 12477814.