Product Recall & Store Locations

Partner with a well established contact centre with 12 years experience delivering customer support packages. Call Management is a 24 by 7 Outsourcing solutions provider. We specialise in providing high end customer support to our clients either on a dedicated agent or shared service basis.


With Call Management as your Customer Service Support Line provider, you can reduce operating costs and deliver a 24 by 7 support service for your customers on a worldwide basis.


Product recall for whatever reason is always a stressful time as  you  need to protect your brand and ensure that the returns process is as efficient & professional as possible.


It might be worth considering having a Freephone number in reserve with a planned procedure in place to cover such an eventuality.

That way when you do need to advertise the number that it is answered by a professional 24 by 7 support team who are well briefed on what to do and what each step of the returns policy will be wether it is a full refund or a replacement product issued.


Call Management can provide your company with a One Stop solutions which will include:

  1. Provision of 1800 Freephone Number
  2. Dedicated well trained staff brief on the procedure
  3. 24 by 7 Customer Support Line
  4. Returns mailing address
  5. Replacement product delivery service


Call Management can offer Multi-Channel Customer Support functionality which would include 24 by 7 telephone support, 24 by 7 E-mail Response Service & 24 by 7 Live Chat Support.


By using this multi faceted approach your customers will see that you care about their business and every effort has been made to rectify the issue in a seamless and professional manner.


It is worth forward planning and having the service available at short notice.


Product recall can be a costly process and potentially damaging to your company’s reputation. We at Call Management are fully aware of the speed and professionalism required for this Outsourcing solution.

Product recall service can help you to draw up a customized solution to efficiently handle recall situations.

A product recall can have a drastic effect on the day-to-day operations of your company. We know that recalls must not compromise the perceived integrity of your products or adversely affect relationships with customers. We handle all aspects of the product recalls from set-up and launch to management and customer service.

When product recalls do happen it is important to have a trustworthy third-party service that will satisfy customer grievances tactfully.  As calls spike in the early process, you require a considerably larger staff than usual. Here is how having a professional call centre on hand to help is essential.

With our experience in the field you can be assured that every aspect of the process will be handled carefully for both you and the customer. Some of the features of our recall services are:

  • 24 Hour Hotline: phone lines opens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to process recalls and answer questions.
  • Notification: Reach out to potentially affected customers so that they will understand the extent and nature of the recall.
  • Processing: Our agents explain to customers  how to comply with the recall and process their returns and replacements.
  • Product Return Management: Get detailed reports on how many and where products have been returned.
  • Custom Recall Escalation Procedures: Create a dynamic plan of action that change as the situation does.


Call Management handle product recalls from toys, cars, food, electronics, etc. Our professional and well trained help desk is here to help your enterprise and your customers.


Store location: Our store location service directs customers to their nearest outlet. This service is used frequently by retail companies, medical companies; health services companies… the list is endless.

We can tailor our services to suit your requirements.