Payments & Reconciliation

Payments and Reconciliations Services

If your company offers the option of paying over the phone then Call Management can help make this process more efficient. And if you occasionally need to follow-up with customers to request payment we can assist you too, freeing up your staff to concentrate on other core areas of the business.

Payments Service

Paying by phone is really convenient for your customers but it can add to your workload, particularly if customers want to pay outside normal working hours. Let Call Management handle your incoming payments quickly and securely. We provide accurate and efficient payment processing that makes it easy for your customers to pay. When your customers call we log their details, take their account number and card details and process their payment within seconds. And we can provide the service in the evenings and at weekends so your customers can pay when it suits them.

Reconciliation Service

Sometimes your customers need a reminder that a payment is overdue. You want to secure that payment and retain your good relationship with the customer. We work with you to define an approach and script that is most likely to result in a successful outcome. Then our finance team will ring your selected customers requesting payment or a reason for non-payment. We handle these calls delicately and without causing damage to your business relationship with your client. All calls are recorded and we encourage you to periodically monitor calls to ensure we adhere to best practice.

Benefits of Call Management’s Payments and Reconciliation Service

  • Customer Service – we make it easier for your customer to pay at a time that suits them.
  • Improved Payments – you are available to take more payments both in and out of office hours.
  • Improved Collections – for customers that need a reminder to pay, we do it in a polite, professional way that encourages prompt payment without damaging your business relationship.