Payments and reconciliations

Call Management offers inbound and outbound financial telephone support to your company, including payments and reconciliations.

Inbound call service: Our finance department can handle all your phone call payments. If your company gives customers the option of paying over the phone, our agents could  log your clients’ details, take their account number, their card details and process their payment via relax payments. As easy as a phone call.

Outbound call service: sometimes clients need a reminder that payment is due. Our finance department will ring your client requesting payment or a reason for non payment.

Payments and reconciliations with our finance department are handled delicately and without causing harm to your enterprise. Customer relations management is one of our core businesses. And proud to say we maintain strict standards to guarantee customer satisfaction.


All calls recorded and a daily, weekly and monthly report will be sent to update you.
You will be sent a detailed report of all calls recorded.

We will work with you to design a script that will ensure a positive outcome. Our Payment and reconciliations service is usually contracted with our sales line to promote new products and services.

We can tailor our services to suit your requirements. Check our blog “How to avoid late payments” for some fresher information! or just Contact us on +353 214824 300