Claims & Complaint Line

Claims and Complaint Handling

Dealing with customer complaints requires skill and sensitivity. We help you respond to complaints effectively so that problems are resolved and your customers remain loyal. We look for the fastest way to resolve the issue for your customer, turning a problem into an opportunity for your company to shine.

How Call Management’s Claims and Complaint Handling Service Works

We allocate a dedicated Call Management Account Manager to your company. Our Account Manager will meet with you to understand the current complaints handling procedures, offering suggestions where we think we can improve the current process. Where appropriate we seek authorization to offer discounts or a full refund so we can resolve most complaints during the first call. We also clearly identify those special cases where the call will have to be escalated to someone on your team for approval.

Next we begin a handover period during which you monitor our team as we handle incoming complaint calls. Once you are satisfied we understand your business and how you like to do things, we take over the day-to-day management of claim and complaints calls.

We record all customer calls and analyze the types of complaint, the category of customer and other factors that will help us improve the efficiency of our call management.

Benefits of Call Management’s Claims and Complaint Handling

  • Customer satisfaction – by responding fast and effectively to complaints and resolving most issues within one call we keep your customers happy.
  • Reduced Administration – outsourcing complaint handling to us means you free up time to focus on improving overall service delivery.
  • Increased Customer Loyalty – Research shows that efficiently resolving customer complaints has a positive effect on sales.
  • Continuous Improvement – we analyze call data to help you reduce the causes of complaints and improve the speed of resolution.
  • Cost Effective – when you outsource to Call Management you pay only for the work delivered, not other overheads such as staff administration, sick pay or holiday leave.