Social Network Management

Respond to complaints and enquiries through social media!

contact centre services Call Management agent“Research from Trovus shows that businesses that allow staff to forge and maintain relationships with customers through sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn are far more successful at converting followers into referrals to the corporate website.”

There are music bands, orchestra halls, dentist practices, small and large restaurants, small mom and pop shops as well as large companies such as Pennies and Wal-Mart. Social media can also be used for product launches, new medical devices and health news. It provides a platform to engage customers and growth the fidelity to the brand.  Twitter, facebook and linkedin are the most important at the moment and managing the interactions and creating leads could be a time consuming task.


Call Management offers two different levels of service:

  • social media CRMPost generation and replies: We can create a calendar for posting and you can send Call Management all updates that you would like to add to your profile. We will deal with all your customers’ interactions and send you weekly reports of all our interactions.
  • Only replies to your customers: You can create and update your postings and we will focus on answering all your customer questions.


Contact us today for a Quotation or call us on +442895757275 or +353 12477814 if your department doesn’t have time to manage your social network operations or it’s just growing too fast. Call Management replies to all your customers professionally and with a fresh point of view. We will take care of all posts in your Twitter and Facebook profiles following your indication as if we were part of your team.

If your organization has thousands of posts, messages and tweets to respond to in a day outsourced and customized solutions can be beneficial, leaving you to focus on other areas of your business.