Mystery Shopping

Call Management offers mystery shopping face to face in Ireland and by phone to Ireland and the UK

Is your customer service as good as it can be?

Mystery shopping can assist your company in objectively measuring your customers buying experience. It will help you identify training requirements, opportunities to improve your customer care policies & procedures.

Call Management’s Mystery shopping service includes:

  • Field Research, our team of mystery shoppers carry out surveys by telephone, on-site physical shoppers and on-line purchasers.
  • Analysis of staff performance: All reports will include a generic section which will allow you to measure the site performance and then there will be specific questions that cater for the individual staff member.
  • Customer Care Policy Guidelines: It is a useful tool in measuring front-line staff performance across multiple sites. Uniformity of delivery is very important when building & maintaining a brand identity.

Mystery Shopping will help your business to:

  • Evaluate Staff Performance
  • Highlights customer service issues
  • Improve and reward your Customer Service team

Our mystery shopping exercise offers you the opportunity to efficiently and effectively measure your customer service delivery program. Our mystery shopper visits or phones your sites as a potential client and rates their experience across predefined criteria agreed with your company. All findings are supported by factual data and the mystery shopper’s subjective opinion will be recorded on each report.

Mystery Shopping can be used as a tool for a multitude of reasons: Competitor Analysis,  HR Training aid, Staff Appraisals, On-Going Monitoring Of Site Performance, Customer Buying Experience Analysed.

mystery shopping When to use

Mystery Shopping is carried out either in person or over the phone. Crucially this service also allows you to see how the customer perceives your business.

Check our Mystery Shopping Case Study

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