Text Alert Management

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SMS text is a highly effective way for you to interact with your customers. 97% of text messages are read within 5 seconds and 32% of consumers respond to SMS promotions.

Call Management can help you with your update your loyal customer base when notifying them of special offers, and new product launches.

We monitor all incoming SMS texts from your customers on your behalf, scanning and responding to them using the latest mobile response management technology.

How Call Management’s Text Alert Management Service Works

You will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager to manage the campaigns. You can use mobile messaging to connect with your customers, both for outbound promotions and inbound customer service requests.


  • For outbound mobile campaigns we will send text messages to a predefine group of customers and monitor the results. You will be provided with a unique report for each campaign itemising, how many were delivered, how many were read, responses and overall success of each campaign.
  • For inbound mobile customer service we capture all incoming SMS messages coming to a business mobile number and respond appropriately. In most cases the response can be automated – we scan the message for a keyword and then respond accordingly. For instance if someone texts “BROCHURE ” to a particular business number, we can automatically email a brochure to that email address.


These are only two applications of the technology as it can be used to alert your customer base on a multitude of events such as store locations, upcoming customer loyalty store promotions, weather alerts if a store is closed and general news on your company.


Benefits of Mobile Response Service

  • Reach Your Customers Instantly – customers read your texts and respond to offers.
  • High Response and Success Rates – customers read your texts and respond to offers.
  • Improved Customer Service – adopting mobile response management makes it much easier for your customers to contact you round the clock, and much easier for you to respond quickly.
  • Reduced Administrative Effort – Call Management can handle your mobile response so you don’t have to train staff or buy complicated new technology.

The advantages of using Text alerts are very compelling as it is relatively inexpensive, instantaneous and labour costs to administer the campaigns are very competitive. It can be used as part of your overall marketing strategy or customer care service to interact with you’re loyal client base.