Market Research services

Call Management has an ISO certified Market Research department that will develop a research project tailored to your requirements and timeframe, and provide the key information you are looking for. Market research campaigns that we provide are: customer satisfaction surveys; after sales surveys; new product development surveys; market analysis; competitor research and more.

market research services: database management

Database Management

Our Database Management service will save your company money on your marketing budget. By cleaning your data before you start a campaign, the campaign will simply pay for itself by reducing your postage costs, the number of bounced e-mails and through better data quality.

You can compliment this service with our brochure storage and fulfilment outsourcing facility, mobile text messages and outbound campaigns. Read more.

market research services : Mystery shopping

Mystery Shopping

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Mystery Shopping service helps you to Evaluate Staff Performance, Highlight customer service issues and Improve and Reward your Customer Service Team.

Mystery Shopping can be implemented by phone or in person. We will pretend to be a client and analyse your staff performance. A detailed report will be supplied to you upon completion of the work which will include recordings of all calls made. Our mystery shopping service is available 24/7. Read more

market research services customer satisfaction

Market Research Surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys, after sales surveys, new product development surveys, market analysis, competitor research and more.Call management conduct both phone and on-site research. Our analysis would be quantitative and qualitative. Read more.

market research services

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction surveys will measure how your products and/ or services meet or surpass customer expectation. Our team will contact your customers and clients in order to analyse their satisfaction level and gather their perception of your team performance, product or service and/or in shop experience. This research can be conducted by phone, post and/or online.

market research services

Market Analysis

Our marketing department can analyse the market where you are trading or planning to trade. We have experience developing feasibility studies and helping new companies launch their services and products in new markets.

market research services

Competitor research

In a competitive market, it is important to understand what your competitors are doing. We can research the market and analyse your direct competitors. We can provide key information on their products, pricing, customer services amongst other. It will help your company be more competitive and design better market strategies.