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As informative as your website may be, many people feel more comfortable getting information about your products or services from a real person, instead of reading it from a static website. Customers are often more comfortable ordering a product after they have had a chance to ask a few straightforward questions, which they may feel uncomfortable calling your support line to ask if they think they are ‘small questions’. With the growing influence of the internet, businesses and their customers can become isolated from each other. That is why we believe we can use our state-of-the-art technology to bring you closer together with your consumer. From SME’s to large businesses, the bond between internal and external customers should be valued and developed through smart business strategies such as live chat.
Our Live Chat Services will create meaningful; real time customer connections that will help your businesses increase conversions and improve consumer experience

We can be your 24 hour Live Chat support service.

How Call Management’s Live Chat Support Service Works?

All you would need to add to your website, as a Live link for customers to click on, and they will instantly be chatting in real time with one of our customer support representatives. This gives the information section of your website a more personal and welcoming feel than a generic ‘FAQ’ section. Since customers are interacting with our live chat support agents in real time via our Live Chat Service, their questions can be answered instantly, which is an improvement on even the most efficient e-mail handling service.

Our live chat support service offers:

  • Real time instant messaging with customers
  • Reduced turnaround time
  • Lowering the volume of your telephone support calls, by answering customer queries on the spot while they are browsing the website.
  • Accessibility for hearing-impaired customers.
  • Chats integrated into E-mail support.
  • The ability to invite customers browsing your website for over a certain amount of time to chat with a live support representative
  • Highly efficient staff with full experience in both LivePerson, Live Help Now and Kayako Live chat systems
  • Multilingual Customer Service available

Find out more about live chat solutions, Contact Call Management today on +353 214824 300.