E-mail Handling

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E-mail handling is a viable option in today’s high octane business environment. Outsourcing your email handling service requirements to Call Management lessens the work load for your internal staff. This will improve your turnaround time and in turn increase productivity.

A fast turnaround time is critical to businesses in today’s competitive climate. Outsourcing e-mail support services can help you improve your service levels. This means you can save on precious time and concentrate more on your organization’s core competencies.

In 2013 Call Management’s e-mail service increased by 35%! This shows the growing inclination of businesses to avail of this service.  Why not check out our live-chat services which complement our E-mail support services.

Why Outsource to Call Management

  • Experienced workforce – who are well-trained in providing competent non-voice support services. Our dedicated email support professionals can answer all your emails with appropriate and prompt replies using canned and bespoke resolutions.
  • Owner Managed Contact Centre – we are focused on delivering quality based solutions and we have complete daily audits to ensure service levels are kept at a high standard
  • 24 by 7 Support Package – with the advent of global commerce and on-line retailing it is vital to have a customer support service in place to respond to your customers’ queries
  • Added Value – we will offer you advice on what professional software packages to use for your back end support or if you prefer we can use your existing in-house systems. We are extremely flexible and will work with you to enhance the customers’ experience by adapting the processes & procedures.
  • Scalability – we have a dedicated e-mail handling division and within that division, we have a shared service section. You can start on a shared service basis and upgrade to a dedicated agent basis once the volume of work warrants the cost.
  • Accredited Contact Centre – we are ISO Certified and have invested in our software technology to ensure that our systems are safe & secure with fail safes in place in the event of critical; incidents.
  • Pricing Model  – your company can avail of a variable price per interaction or a fixed agent price per month. If you have a seasonal business and the volume of queries is variable then a variable pricing model would suit your company. Other clients have a regular e-mail patterns and a fixed dedicated agent budget with agreed service levels is best.
  • Complimentary Services – we offer more than e-mail handling as an outsourcing customer support solution, services include Webchat, Telephone Handling & Business Mailing Address.

We have a proven track record in successfully handling e-mail support functions for several global companies. Our expertise ranges from handling simple as well as complex issues.

Our e-mail handling support service covers a diverse range of services including:

  • Customer care,
  • Technical support,
  • Order fulfilment
  • On-line payment support
  • Complete query resolution on a bespoke level.