Brochure Handling

Would it help you to store brochures and have brochures mailed out for you on time? Call Management store all your brochures on our Irish premises. We mail brochures to your customers – we Mail Merge a covering letter and post your Brochures for you – on time.

To help save your business time, we will assemble all brochures for you.  We will work as if it were our own brochure being assembled, putting time and effort in to ensure you don’t need to.  Our Brochure design and handling service is a great investment for your business, saving you time, money and space.

Our Brochure Handling Service can provide the following:

  • Store your brochure-save your office space
  • Take requests for your brochures
  • Mail brochures for you
  • Mail merge your covering letter
  • Post brochures to a database of your customers

Outsourcing your brochure handling will be cost effective and highly efficient. Brochure handling can also help make your potential customers aware of upcoming promotions, special offers and even sales.

For further details regarding our Brochure Handling Service Contact Call Management today on +353 214824 300 or +44 2895757275.