Administration Back Office Outsourcing Support

At Call Management we are aware that depending on a company’s lifecycle they require different services at various times of their business cycle, product cycle and you also need to factor in seasonal fluctuations.

We decided to include back office customer administration services due to client demands as it compliments’ our other services especially corporate telephone answering services, brochure handling service and business mailing address.

We charge on an hourly basis and our existing back office support services include:

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Post scanning and e-mailing
  • Bank cheque lodgements
  • Application form inputting to your system (data entry)
  • Corresponding with your clients, customers & suppliers by e-mail, letter writing and by phone.

We can also provide you with a dedicated agent on a contract basis to carry our all your administration requirements regardless of the complexity.

So whether you need an agent for an hour a day or multiple agents for a large contract please let us provide you with a detailed proposal.