Email Support

Call Management provides 24x7x365 support by email to compliment our multichannel support services. Call Management caters to all business types and we can provide you with a dedicated email handling team and use your existing CRM system or a shared agent support model. 

Types of queries range from –


  • Convenience – Call Management supports your customers through the communication channels that are most relevant to them. Email support allows you to be where your customers are and meet your customers’ requirements. 
  • Quality focused – We care about the conversations that you have with your customers. We are focused on delivering the same quality of engagement across all of our channels. We respond quickly and accurately. Our swift response to FAQ’s leads to increased customer satisfaction. 
  • Knowledgeable staff – Our highly trained frontline team are able to handle a variety of customer queries and operate a first contact resolution model. This ensures that your company’s most valuable asset, your customers are looked after. 
  • Scalability – We understand that your business may have a seasonal element. We have the ability to ramp up or down our email support offering. Operating on a 24/7 basis allows us to serve a variety of markets operating in different time zones. 
  • IS0 27001:2013 – Call Management was accredited with IS0 27001 in 2019. This demonstrates our commitment to information security and ensures our systems are robust and audited to a high standard. GDPR compliance is a major factor for us and our networks and systems are routinely audited to ensure that our clients’ data is as secure as possible at all times.