Call Management works with a variety of pharmaceutical companies providing pharmacovigilance and sales support services.

How Call Management’s Pharmaceutical Services Work

At the start of the contract a Key Account Manager will be assigned to your company. This account manager meets you to understand your pharmaceutical organization, the services you provide, your key personnel and the support you want from us.

Where appropriate we prepare a “Frequently Asked Questions” document to help our staff respond to the initial patient enquiries. Next we begin a handover period where you can monitor our staff as we handle incoming requests via the phone, email, mobile or social media.

Once you are 100% confident we take it from there, handling incoming requests quickly and politely, taking messages and routing urgent calls directly to the correct member of staff according to a pre-defined protocol.


Services for Pharmaceutical Sector

Pharmacovigilance Service

The aim of pharmacovigilance is to improve patient care and safety. It is utilized to assess the benefits, harm, effectiveness and risk of medicines. This is carried out through the promotion of the understanding and clinical training in pharmacovigilance.

Call Management has over five years of experience supporting pharmaceutical companies with their pharmacovigilance requirements. We provide 24 by 7 services, emergency call response and secure data protection.


Why Pharmacovigilance is important for Research & Development and for Patient Safety?

Pharmacovigilance is the last phase of drug research & development and the first phase of patient safety. The main aim of pharmacovigilance is data collection through doctors or call centre helplines.

Due the huge research and development costs and the expiration of patents pharmaceutical companies need a constant stream of new drugs to hit the market. The production of blockbuster drugs is essential for the success of a pharmaceutical company. Approximately 12 to 13 years pass before a medical product reaches the market and after the entire R&D is carried out it is an administrative procedure to carry out pharmacovigilance. Currently, pharmacovigilance accounts for 9.8% of the investment in Drug Research and Development.

Furthermore, pharmacovigilance is a key element to ensure patient safety. If a patient suspects that they are suffering from an ADR (Adverse Drug Reaction) they must contact their doctor as soon as possible to allow the doctor to report it to a pharmacovigilance centre. For example if an adverse effect is reported in Ireland it must be reported to every country in the world within 7 days. The main issue is only 5% of doctors are estimated to participate in pharmacovigilance. Studies indicate that systems that document patient concerns may detect new drug safety signals earlier than the professional recording system alone.


How Call Management can help you with your pharmacovigilance requirements?

Communication is the key to pharmacovigilance and call centres are the hubs of communication throughout the world.

Call Management will provide you with a call centre pharmacovigilance helpline. This system will aid the pharmacovigilance documentation process. If 1 person in 5,000 suffers from an ADR it is only recognized if 15,000 people are observed. These kinds of numbers mean that the volume of patients that need to be observed is considerable. A call centre can handle these kinds of volumes, relieving pressure on doctors and Qualified Person’s for Pharmacovigilance (QPPV’s).

Call Management have experience with pharmacovigilance processes and procedures. A confidentiality agreement will be signed which is a standard in the industry but it’s essential in the pharmaceutical sector.

At the beginning of the contract, we will welcome a representative from your team to come and train our front-line staff. ‘Train the Trainer’ methodology is also available for this purpose. For an agent to handle your calls he/she will have to pass a previous examination. Our training includes data protection, your companies procedures and processes.

We will record and log patients calls regarding adverse drug reactions and escalate the call as required.  We have a workforce with honed emergency response skills that work around the clock to improve patient health and safety.


Pharmaceutical Receptionist and Sales Support:

Call Management can provide you with a telephone answering service to support your receptionist and sales team. Our support ranges from:

  • Message taking: Callers are diverted to us and we interact as front line customer service. The aim is to capture caller information and pass it to your relevant staff.
  • Receptionist service: As part of your team, Call Management agents will answer frequent asked questions and escalate calls to your relevant staff member.
  • Overflow, lunch and holidays cover: Divert your phone line to our Call Centre for a short or long period, as required. Using our service, calls will be diverted to us only when your team is already engaged with other activities (meetings, calls, holidays, lunch…)
  • Pharmaceutical Sales support: Our agents will support your sales team by answering frequent asked questions and placing orders in your system, as required. Our team is savvy using variety of sales software and we can create secure connection within your internal software.
  • Pharmaceutical Database Update: Our agents will update your hospital and doctors contact details ensuring the validity and integrity of the data collected. We can use your online portal and/or perform outbound verification calls. We fully adhere to data protection policies and standards.
  • Pharmaceutical Post-sales and customer support enquiries: Call Management will support your after-sales enquiries by answering practitioners and doctors enquiries. We can record callers interest in receiving brochures and promotional materials to support the sales of your pharmaceutical products.

Benefits of Call Management Pharmaceutical Sector Services

  • Improved Patient Service – you can make yourself available across more channels and over longer periods. Patients and health practitioners get better access and even faster response times.
  • Reduced Costs – we can implement an efficient 24 by 7 contact management service where you only pay for the service you use. You don’t have fixed costs or the need to hire and manage additional staff.
  • Manage Fluctuating Demand – call volume varies with time of year and in response to particular events. Call Management helps you cope with these peaks and troughs without having to incur extra staff costs.