Call Management works with a variety of healthcare professionals and organizations, providing services from call handling through to out-of-hours phone coverage, appointment booking and enquiry handling.

How Call Management’s Healthcare Services Work

We start all Healthcare assignments by allocating a dedicated account manager to you. This account manager meets you to understand your healthcare organization, the services you provide, your key personnel and the support you want from us. Where appropriate we prepare a “Frequently Asked Questions” document to help our staff respond to the initial patient enquiries. Next we begin a handover period where you can monitor our staff as we handle incoming requests via the phone, email, mobile or social media. Once you are 100% confident we take it from there, handling incoming requests quickly and politely, taking messages and routing urgent calls directly to the correct member of staff according to a pre-defined protocol.

Services for Healthcare Sector

  • Out of Hours / Overflow – for busy surgeries, wards and departments we can handle overflow when call volume hits a peak. Read our Out of Hours/Overflow page to learn more.
  • Holiday Cover – we can provide professional, polite phone cover when your reception staff go on holiday. Read our Holiday Cover page to learn more.
  • Emergency Response – an emergency such as a severe weather event or industrial accident can create huge increases in public enquiries and phone calls. Call Management has an Emergency Response team that can set up dedicated lines and allocate staff within hours of an incident occurring. Learn more on our Emergency Response page.
  • Receptionist Services / Office hours – for healthcare professionals who don’t want to permanently recruit a staff receptionist, we can provide professional phone, email and mobile cover. Read our Receptionist Services and Message Taking pages to learn more.
  • Multi-channel customer response – we can integrate your customer contact management across the phone, web, email, SMS and social media. Check out our multi-channel response page to learn more.

Benefits of Call Management Healthcare Services

  • Improved Patient Service – you can ensure someone is available to take calls 24/7. Patients get better access and faster response times. All important messages, emails and texts are forwarded to you immediately.
  • Reduced Costs – we can implement an efficient contact management service where you only pay for the service you use. You don’t have fixed costs or the need to hire and manage additional staff.
  • Manage Fluctuating Demand – Call volume varies with time of year and in response to particular events. Call Management helps you cope with these peaks and troughs without having to incur extra staff costs.
  • Instant Escalation– we follow a predefined protocol to ensure all emergency calls are correctly identified and escalated to a suitably qualified doctor or nurse.

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