eBusiness Contact Management and Customer Support

Keeping customers happy is essential for e-business. You want to respond quickly to every enquiry, sales opportunity and support call. But successful e-businesses often find it difficult to manage fluctuating volumes of customer requests. Call Management helps you handle these growing volumes, providing a consistent, warm and attentive response to every single customer.

How Call Management’s eBusiness Services Work

We start our assignment by allocating a dedicated account manager to you. He/She will be your key point of contact with Call Management from that point forward. This account manager meets you to understand your business, the services and products you provide and the typical customer requests you have to handle. We then prepare a “Frequently Asked Questions” document to help our staff handle the initial conversations. Next we begin a handover period where you can monitor our staff as we handle incoming requests via the phone, email, mobile or social media. Once you are 100% confident we take it from there, handling incoming requests warmly and efficiently. We effectively become part of your business, ensuring your customers get great service and a great impression of your company.

Contact Management Services for eBusiness

  • Out of Hours / Overflow – many of our eBusiness clients experience peak demand at Christmas, early summer or other times of year. Call Management helps you cope with these fluctuations in demand smoothly and efficiently. Read our Out of Hours/Overflow page to learn more.
  • Live Chat – Online chat is a great way to increase sales and improve customer service. Customers are often more comfortable ordering a product or service after they have had a chance to talk it over with a customer service representative. Check out our Live Chat Service page to find out more.
  • Ordering and Booking Tickets online – we provide a full online ticket ordering and booking service. We work with some of the largest online ticket booking agents either on a 24/7 basis or as an overflow call service. Find out more at our Ordering and Booking Tickets page.
  • Email handling – we handle over 150,000 emails per year for our customers, monitoring and responding in real-time. Check out our Email Handling Service page to find out how it works.
  • Social Media Customer Support – you can use social media to provide great customer service at low cost. Find out more on our Social Media Customer Support page.
  • Mobile Response Management – SMS text is a great way to interact with your customers. 97% of text messages are read within 5 seconds and 32% of consumers responds to SMS messages. Find out how we can help you run promotions and responds to customer requests via SMS on our Mobile Response Management page.
  • Multi-channel customer response – we can integrate your customer contact management across the phone, web, email, SMS and social media. Check out our multi-channel response page to learn more.

Benefits of Call Management eBusiness Services

  • Improved Customer Service – You can make yourself available across more channels and over longer periods. Customers get better access and even faster response times.
  • Reduced Costs – we can implement an efficient contact management service where you only pay for the service you use. You don’t have fixed costs or the need to hire and manage additional staff.
  • Manage Fluctuating Demand – Call volume varies with time of year and in response to particular events. Call Management helps you cope with these peaks and troughs without having to incur extra staff costs.
  • Reduce Administrative Headache – with services like social media response handling you can let us take care of the service without having to take-on new staff, implement new technologies or undergo extensive training.

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