About Us

Call Management, with our head-office in Cork, is a subsidiary of Key Answering Systems Group, established in 2001 by Pat Keogh and Nuala Meaney.  Key Answering Systems Group initially set out to provide high-value corporate telephone answering services to the SME sector.  From the very beginning we invested heavily in both staff training and new technologies to develop an edge over our competition.

As the company grew we developed expertise in managing customer contacts through email, social media and live chat in addition to standard phone calls.   We also acquired our first enterprise customers and today we serve some of the UK and Ireland’s largest online retailers and financial services firms as well as a range of organisations in the public sector, automotive and travel & leisure industries.

As a company we have always had a huge focus on quality and in 2010 we achieved certification to ISO 9001:2008, the international quality standard.

In 2012 we rebranded our UK arm as Arema Connect, updating our online presence to reflect our continuing focus on using the latest technologies and channels to better serve your customers.

Key Answering Systems Group also operates an award-winning sister company in United Kingdom, Arema Connect.