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Emergency response Telephone Answering Service

Call Management elephone answering service emergency response Partner with a well established contact centre with 12 years experience delivering customer support packages. Call Management is a 24 by 7 Outsourcing solutions provider. We specialise in providing high end customer support to our clients either on a dedicated agent or shared service basis.

With Call Management as your emergency call centre service provider, you can reduce operating costs and deliver a 24 by 7 support service for your customers on a worldwide basis.

Our team delivers Emergency Response Telephone Answering Service for a large number of companies including government bodies, software, telecoms providers, engineering companies and the pharmaceutical sector.

We tailor make our services to our clients’ requirements. Your account will be highly customized and you will be assigned a key account manager to deal with all day to day updates & staff training.

Initially, we will formulate and design a procedure in collaboration with you to deal with emergencies enquiries. The key elements will be to establish the first call resolution procedure and design the escalation process. This protocol will be reviewed on an on-going basis to match the growth of your company and to provide scalable solutions.

In the event of an urgent call, we will following specific protocols as outlined by you. We will activate the first call resolution procedure and if we need to escalate to your in-house support team we will initiate the on-call escalation process.
Every interaction will be recorded for quality and auditing purposes with all transactions executed in line with our ISO Accreditation.

Standard Operating Procedure

We capture your callers’ details either on our own bespoke software package or log directly onto your CRM system.

  • Capture callers details including stated urgency of situation
  • Ring your support team with the callers details
  • Transfer the call directly to your support team
  • Automatic text message to your support team
  • Automatic e-mail to your support team
  • All reports available in excel via our web portal with real time access

We will provide you with a daily, weekly and monthly reports on call activity and all our calls are recorded for quality & auditing purposes.

We can tailor our services to suit your requirements.

To receive a quote for any of our services Contact us on +353 12477814 (Ireland) or +44 2895757275 (UK)