Call Management to Arema Connect: From Orange to Blue

February 9th, 2015 / Comments Off on Call Management to Arema Connect: From Orange to Blue / by admin

Call Management are delighted to announce that we are making the long awaited move to Arema Connect. We have been operating side by side with Arema Connect for the last 2 years and believe now is the right time to make a permanent move to Arema Connect.

Call Management has evolved over the years and we now offer a more diverse range of services including web chat, e-mail handling and a whole suite of market research services that will be supported by our existing team.

arema connect

We at Call Management have never been afraid of change, change that helps us grow and evolve as a company.

What is clear is that our team of agents, managers and directors remain here and are all behind Arema Connect 100%.

Our reason for this re-branding is purely down to ambition. We have the ambition to grow and enter new markets. Arema Connect will be a one-stop-shop for companies (In Ireland, the UK, North America, Australia and more) looking for bespoke outsourcing business solutions.

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Call Management internal awards 2014 – The winners are…

December 29th, 2014 / Comments Off on Call Management internal awards 2014 – The winners are… / by admin

On the 19th of December Call Management held our internal Call Centre awards at Clancy’s restaurant in Cork. We had a 3 course meal which was enjoyed by all. It was a great night and spirits were high as previously that day the Secret Santa gifts where given out to all the participants. Our agents also decided to all deck themselves out in festive gear such as Christmas jumpers and Christmas hats.

Call Management 2014 Awards

The awards themselves were for:

  • Biggest contributor
  • Best Newcomer
  • Best Part time
  • Happy Camper
  • Most Helpful Colleague

And the winners where ‘drum roll’… Read more


A Call Centre Year Review

December 23rd, 2014 / Comments Off on A Call Centre Year Review / by admin

This year has been a busy one for call centres. The retail industry has picked up and customers are contacting with more ease and frequency than ever before. Our phones have been hopping and our live chats have been dinging but we would have it no other way.

As we prepare for our Christmas party, it is time to reflect on some of the changes that have happened over the last year. Call Management have welcomed new staff from a multitude of countries as well as new clients from different corners of the globe. It certainly hasn’t been a dull year.


We have seen that first call resolution (FCR) has become more important that average handling time (AHT). Due to higher contact volumes Read more


Call Management internal awards 2014

December 15th, 2014 / Comments Off on Call Management internal awards 2014 / by admin

And the Winner is …

It’s that time of year again when we will be staging our internal call centre awards ceremony. Earlier in December a leaflet was sent out to everyone in the office. On this leaflet they could vote for the “Happy Camper” of the office (the person who is always smiling and in good spirits), the “Most Helpful”, “Biggest Contributor to the Office” and more. It is a great way of acknowledging and appreciating people.Sarah Foley 2012 Awards2


Read more

How retailers can become customer-centric

December 9th, 2014 / Comments Off on How retailers can become customer-centric / by admin

Present day customers are interested in personalised experiences with customer service. They are looking for more ways to buy and more channels to contact customer support. Retailers must embrace an Omni-channel approach with regards to customer interactions.

“Omni-channel environments where customers can shop online and offline at the same retailer are Read more

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Retailers Recognize the Importance of Promotions and Vouchers this Christmas

November 21st, 2014 / Comments Off on Retailers Recognize the Importance of Promotions and Vouchers this Christmas / by admin

Promotions trigger both in-store and online purchases. Here are some figures according to a survey carried out by

The findings found that 7 in 10 customers (68%) surveyed, believe that digital coupons have a positive impact on a retailer’s brand, and 68% stated that coupons generate loyalty. Of the consumers surveyed, 64% said a digital promotion or a coupon often closes the deal if they are indecisive on making a purchase.

Vouchers or coupons are that little added incentives that give customers an extra push in your businesses direction, especially in E-commerce. The benefits of these business applications are there for everyone to see but can you improve this process even further? The simple answer is yes, by accompanying your “deals”, “special offers” and promotions with great customer service.

Mobile Customer Support

According to PewResearch (2013) 56% of American adults are Read more

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CCMA Awards 2014: Highly Commended

November 17th, 2014 / Comments Off on CCMA Awards 2014: Highly Commended / by admin

The annual call centre awards took place last Saturday 15th November 2014 in Dublin.

This event is held annually by the Contact Centre Management Association ( Their primary aim is to promote and give recognition to the contact centre management profession; to actively promote continuous professional development of contact centre professionals; to provide a forum for knowledge sharing and networking across the industry.

Call Management have been fortunate to be short listed for numerous awards over the last 5 years. The quality and number of entrants has improved immensely over that time frame.

CCMA awards 2014

It was an honour to be short listed for the award and recognised as one of the leading business solutions providers in the country.

On the night, Call Management was ‘highly commended’ or in competitive sports language runner up which was a major achievement as Heineken Ireland won our category.

“It has been an amazing year for Call Management. It is very satisfying to be rewarded for our efforts and acknowledged by our piers in the contact centre arena.” – Pat Keogh

There is only 1 more step on the podium so all we need to do is ‘try harder’ next year and implement additional improvements to our 24 by 7 customer support service and win over the judges.

Call Management Highly Commended



Snowed under with calls over Christmas? There is a simple solution

November 14th, 2014 / Comments Off on Snowed under with calls over Christmas? There is a simple solution / by admin

The solution is outsourcing to a call centre. In essence it is all about increasing customer satisfaction levels. During the Christmas period customers tend to be under a certain amount of stress to complete shopping or dealing with unforeseen hitches. They do not want to be kept waiting when they call in with a query, emergency etc.

Traditionally companies could close up over Christmas and carry on as normal when the festivities are over in January but the marketplace has changed. Clients can be more demanding and in some sectors expect support over Christmas.

A call centre will provide you with first-rate customer service that handles overflow telephone calls and emails during the extremely busy Christmas period. A professional customer service team will relieve the pressure on your in-house staff by taking calls at peak periods.

If your in-house team are too busy to answer the phone within 15 seconds (or a time of your choosing) call centre agents will answer in your business’ name. Now that’s a great way to ensure customers get the service they deserve and you maintain a good public image.

You may have considered hiring new staff? Sounds reasonable, but outsourcing to a call centre means you cut the training costs and save a lot of time recruiting.

Having a large increase in call/email volume this Christmas is a good thing; it means your business is thriving. Answer every call be utilizing a call centre this holiday season!

Christmas Services call Centre


The 360 Degree Customer Support Experience

November 8th, 2014 / Comments Off on The 360 Degree Customer Support Experience / by admin

There are so many different pieces in of customer service pie. It is not as simple as in-store interactions anymore. With the tremendous success eBusiness has had over the last decade also including applications such as click & collect becoming more popular, the customer has so many channels of interaction they can utilize. The modern day customer requires two different types of 360 degree support. There is the all-round office hours, after hours and 24/7 support. Additionally there is the all-inclusive pre during and after sales support.

360 degree communication

Read more

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Our Contact Centre November Newsletter is OUT

November 3rd, 2014 / Comments Off on Our Contact Centre November Newsletter is OUT / by admin

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