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How important is 24 by 7 patient care in a pharmaceutical helpline?

24 by 7 Patient Care Helplines are a key element for Pharmaceutical companies.

Why do pharmaceutical companies need a helpline for patients?

Pharmaceutical companies need a helpline for patients. The main reason is Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR’s) or side effects. There are an estimated 197,000 deaths per year in EU from ADRs! For this reason there is a massive emphasis on spontaneous reporting through targeted campaigns. It is imperative that these effects are noted and escalated to the relevant bodies and this can be achieved by contracting 24 by 7 Contact Centres to provide dedicated Adverse Reporting Helplines.


 The benefits of 24 by 7 patient care line:


o   Adverse Drug Reactions can occur at any time so having a 24 by 7 support is vital.

o   Accurate data capture and escalation processes

o   This keeps a continuous and seamless flow of monitoring and support

o   Patient reassurance and peace of mind


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