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“Why outsource your telephone answering service?” – From the Marketing department point of view

Interview with Silvia Planella, Marketing Co-ordinator in Call Management since 2011.

silvia planella

Please introduce yourself?

I coordinate the Marketing activities for Call Management, from Advertisement to internal communication. I have previously worked for projects with Sony in Spain, Activision and HP accounts coordinating Market Research and Promotional projects.

Choose one word to define yourself  

ROI (Return of Investment)

Define “telephone answering service” in 10 words?

Leads generated by marketing campaigns collected within timely and personal manner.

•Why would you outsource your customer care?

I would outsource my customer care requirements to make the most of marketing campaigns, budgets and to reduce the recruitment, training and lead volumes (variability) of the promotional projects.

Marketing departments and Marketing agencies face the challenge to collect all the data generated by their promotional campaigns. It is usual to hire new staff such as promoters and in-house customer care agents to manage the increase of leads effectively. Recruitment, training and campaign coordination’s costs are elements to add to the budget and to the “to do list”. During my years working in Sony, Activision and HP accounts, it was usual to work Saturdays and evenings to manage promotional activities and coordinate promoters/customer care team.

Outsource data collection and customer care functions provide great benefits for marketing departments. They are ideal if you are doing advertisement on TV and/or radio and you expect an action from your target audience for example a donation, register to your event or project and/or request a brochure.

Why would you choose telephone answering service as your main customer care service over other channels such as: e-mail, live chat or social media?

The main reasons are:

  • A Telephone service provides a more personal approach and instant answers.
  • The older generation may feel more comfortable talking to someone over the phone, rather than using a smart phone or connecting to the Net.
  • Provides an opportunity for the Marketing department to collect extra data by providing the contact centre with detailed scripts.
  • It is easier to increase customer satisfaction.
  • It is easier to analyse Return of Investment by looking into the volume of calls received by the contact centre after every ad is run on different tv channels and radio stations. It helps to identify what channels/stations are more effective to reach a specific target.

Explain in 10 words why you would outsource your telephone answering service to Call Management?

  •  Quality leads
  •  ROI
  •  Scalability
  •  Experience
  •  Data Accessibility
  •  Integration

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