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Our telephone answering service can increase your customer satisfaction!

Outsourcing your office telephone to a contact centre will help you increase customer satisfaction levels.

There are a few practical reasons for this, we have a pool of shared and dedicated agents who cover for each other during lunch breaks, having to worry about sick leave, holidays cover and catering for overseas clients on different time zones would be a thing of the past.

Trained professional staff memberstelephone answering Call Management values

Our clients would provide extensive training to our agents prior to work commencing. We become a part of your company and with constant day to day interactions we will become as efficient as your in-house team. All this helps to provide a positive experience to customers, making customer retention all the more likely.

Attention to detail makes all the difference

Customers want support immediately, and they want the person who answers their call to obey their every command. It takes a special kind of person to keep calm when an aggressive customer comes on the line. All telephone agents are trained to remain calm, helpful and polite at all times, even when their patience is being pushed to the limit.
We know that when a customer is kept waiting they are more likely to become annoyed. For that reason, our contact center service level strive to have all calls answered within three rings, and immediately if possible.

Being available makes more customers satisfied

Most companies, especially if it’s a small business, are unable to provide a 24 hour answering service. For this reason, customers are delighted when they discover that there’s an after hours answering service to cater to their needs. Far from lowering the standards, outsourcing to a reputable and experienced contact center service can increase customer satisfaction quite considerably, and that in turn can help to increase company profits, while lowering business answering costs. It’s a win-win solution all round, in fact.

For further information on our telephone answering services please contact us or call us on 021- 4824300


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