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Personalise Your Customer Service, Your agents are Key

Personalised customer service in the contact centre is a goal which many organisations are trying to achieve. Here in Call Management we believe the front line team are the key to achieving this.

Companies are now realising that as products and services become more commoditised, personal relationships with customers is now more important than ever.

How do they get there?

Keep up with your customers

Everyone knows that today’s customers are continually connected and have the power to change a brand’s reputation based on their experiences with the company. As they say, an unhappy customer will tell 10 people about the poor service he or she received.

In the age of smart customers who expect contact centre agents to be proactive. Personalisation is the future of experience, which makes it ever more imperative for contact centres to evolve faster and smarter in order to get there.

Providing Agents with Data

Our Frontline team should be presented with a precise image of each client, a view that consolidates information from multiple platforms in real-time to paint a full picture.  This in turn will free up the agents time to concentrate on the interaction and dedicate themselves entirely to the task at hand. It also empowers them to personalise each customer response which will show that they really know their customers.

Putting customer intelligence to better use

Nowadays companies need to be able to transform data into actionable information, which can be used by agents to drive positive change in the customer experience. While a contact centre is ideally placed to drive positive change, agents need to be provided with the tools and the information they need to know their customers. Personalisation in the contact centre is one way to achieve this level of service and experience, and helps to resolve problems faster.

Here in Call Management our priority is to personalise all customer interactions thus allowing us to provide the highest level of customer support. For further information on our customer support services please call 0214824300 or contact us

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