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Contact Centres & Customer Satisfaction

In today’s modern age of smart phones, iPads, and connected devices, customers no longer need to talk to a real person. They can surf the web and find lots of interesting literature about a product or services and in many cases, buy the products or services online without any human interaction.

However, every now and then something may go wrong. Perhaps the product doesn’t perform as intended or they have an issue with the service. Sooner or later, the customers will more than likely need to call someone and guess who they’re going to call: the Contact Centre

Here in Call Management we believe that when it comes to customer service, a Contact Centre is the company’s secret weapon and could mean the difference between a great experience and a poor one. That’s why it’s extremely important to ensure your Contact Centre team have a detailed knowledge of the product/service.

We have the following areas covered, have you?

An Human & Empathetic Contact Centre

  • The number one reason customers typically decide to call your Customer Care Team is… They have a problem. Whether they need to complain about a product/service or they simply have a query about their bill. It’s critical that you make a good impression over the phone and address the customer’s queries as efficiently and friendly manner as possible.

An Educated Contact Centre Team

  • A Contact Centre team should be updated on new products and services. They should be the first people to know about new trends and developments, what’s been released so that the customer’s queries can be answered correctly. All Contact Centre employees and managers should receive training on customer service skills, how to maximize the customer experience, and how to turn negative feedback into positive feedback where possible.

Allow access to tools and information

  • Sometimes the customer’s experience has nothing to do with the knowledge of the Contact Centre employee. It is so important that your Customer Service team have the right tools to do the best job they can.

Employee Rotation

  • We know that an employee who understands how other parts of the organization work is one who can solve the customer’s problem faster. In our experience, some of the best employees are ones who’ve spent time in other departments. Therefore it is a good idea to allow staff to explore other areas within the organization to broaden their overall knowledge.

Here in Call Management, customer satisfaction is our key priority so we will do our very best to make sure our client’s customers needs are met, queries are answered and customer satisfaction is at an all time high. For further information please visit www.callmanagement.ie or contact us on 0214824300

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