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Types of customer care

Customer care varies accordingly based on a companies’ philosophy and the clients requirements.

The most common types of customer support are:

General Customer Care: General customer care specialists are the liaison between the customer and the company. In general, they are responsible for discussing billing issues, basic troubleshooting issues and handling any escalated customer complaints. They have the typical job of a receptionist.

Technical Support: Technical support representatives work to resolve issues that prevent a customer from effectively utilizing their company’s services. Often a company has several different levels of technical service that requires training in specific skills.

Sales Product Support: Product support representatives help customers with pre-purchase and post-purchase questions. They must be highly educated on the products the company sells.

Business-Corporate: Business-corporate representatives work with large accounts that may require specialized attention. Often, these representatives are assigned corporate accounts as opposed to waiting for a call. Specialized training on how to handle these accounts is typically required, and in most cases, these positioned are reserved for representatives who have proven to be an asset to the company.

Contact Centre agents allocated to these types of customer support vary based on their expertise and knowledge of the company.


  • General customer care requires little expertise and basic training. FAQ’s are available to the agents and usually satisfy the requirements of the customers.
  • Technical support and sales support requires a higher level of expertise and a deeper knowledge of the companies’ processes and products/services. Every enquiry is unique and a deeper understanding of customer requirements is required to solve issues.
  • Business – Corporate customer care is the most specialized of all the customer care types explained. A customer representative will help customers and will have full access to their accounts and company database. They are 100% dedicated and their training and knowledge levels are outstanding.

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