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How to increase sales through customer support?

Satisfying client’s needs is a key element to increase sales. For this reason it is really important to understand what are they looking for when they contact your customer or sales team.

A client can be looking for:

1. Information Request

This type of client is not ready to purchase yet. He or she has already detected a need, discovered how to solve it and decided that your company may be the solution provider. You just need to provide the correct answer in a timely manner.

What type of information might they be looking for?
– Questions in relation to your product or service
– Pricing queries
– Learn about your team
– Test your customer service team just in case there is any issue after the sale.

Your internal or external team should have a basic knowledge of your company in order to satisfy initial enquiries and help generate sales.

Information enquiries can arrive to your company by phone, e-mail, live chat or social media interaction. It doesn’t matter which channel it comes through, all of them can increase your sales.

2. Purchase

The customer is ready to buy but… are you ready to sell?

It is impossible to increase sales without a clear well defined ordering and payment process.

Your team should be aware of potential clients’ motivations and have a vast knowledge of processes and features. The important thing is to close the transaction and make the process as simple as possible showing professionalism.

An easy purchase process will increase your sales.

3. Post Sale Enquiries

When a customer decides to buy a product from your company, they are trusting you and your team. You can increase your sales by providing an outstanding customer care experience before and during the sale. However, it is the post sales process where a customer may decide to buy from you again or recommend you.
Satisfied customers are a fantastic referral source for generating new sales. A happy client is easier to maintain than not to obtain a new one.

The most common post sales enquiries are related to:

– Technical assistance
– Claims and complaints
– Up selling

Companies that assist customers and potential customers during all the purchase process are a step ahead and will become big players in the industry.

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