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Call Management European University Partnership

Call Management strongly believes in the potential of the youth today. We have agreements with several European educational institutions so that students from other countries can come to us for practical training.

The Erasmus program, allows students from across Europe to apply for internship programmes within the European Community. They can improve their competencies and skills, which prepares them for future jobs. They gain invaluable experience on cultural and regional diversities.

As part of this program, Call Management has welcomed a new student to conduct her practices in our office during the summer months.

Najoua Bakkali El-Khalfi is a student of Marketing and Management from Centre d’Estudis Prat in Barcelona. This is the second time that Centre d’Estudis Prat have placed a student with us.

The reason for this is that we are leaders in the contact centre industry, with over 12 years’ experience in this field. We are constantly updating our skills and expanding our vision to other horizons.

We also visited by two lecturers from the same institution, Arantxa Martinez and Sonia Menendez. They came to monitor the student’s progress and they also wanted to learn more about Ireland and create networking opportunities with companies and other high education institutions in Ireland.

Internship programs do work as long as they are used correctly and it allows the company time to train and teach the intern on what is required without the pressure of financial constraints. In recent years we have taken on 3 interns on a full time basis: Silvia Planella, Aoife Danagher and Adrian Murphy.

If you would like to do an internship with us, contact us. And we are also hiring! Check our last job vacancies.

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