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Call Flow Patterns & Predicting The Future!!

Call Management has 12 years experience providing contact centre support to over 200 Irish and Overseas clients. Call Management can boast of having a team with a diverse range of clients including retail, finance, medical, public sector, e-commerce & pharmaceuticals amongst others.

In order to meet our clients SLA (Service Level Agreement) we must have sufficient staff on duty to answer the calls and to counter balance that in order to minimise downtime. We need to predict and analyse call patterns to ensure we have to ensure our staff count is correct at all times (within reason!!!)

Last year’s audit provided results us with valuable trends developed:

  • It highlighted days of the week that were busier and allowed us to adjust the staff rota accordingly
  • The busiest times of the day were easily identified and it was amazing how consistent the call patterns were.
  • We also identified our busiest months of the year and this will be factored into our staff rota
  • We were also able to identify call characteristics among clients such which calls took the longest duration, which clients came in during office hours and overflow requirements

The main advantage is the ability to understand not only our business requirements but it also allowed us to forecast our clients’ needs and offer them a higher SLA as a result.

For further information on our telephone answering services please follow this link: http://www.callmanagement.ie/services/telephone-answering-service/ or contact us

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