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Brochure Handling Case Study: Brochure Fulfilment and the Outsourcing solution?

The old fashioned ‘One Stop Shop’ applies.

Our client was looking for an Irish partner that could supply them with:

  • a 1800 freephone number,
  • a 24 by 7 ‘Brochure Request’ line
  • Brochure Fulfilment and Storage for duration of campaign,
  • a dedicated mail fulfilment team to pack & post the brochures as the requests are received.

Outsourcing these functions make sense for them for practical & financial reasons.

“In requesting a brochure handling service companies seek an exceptional and complete fulfilment service. Professional and prompt delivery enables the client to outsource this time consuming but necessary informational aspect of daily business.”

Solution Provided

Call Management provided our client with:

  • 24 by 7 support team with calls answered, brochures fulfilled and posted the following day.
  • Following Data Protection policies, we compiled callers data and registered them if they were happy to be contacted in the future by our client.
  • Dedicated team with defined job descriptions with a fully audited trail to ensure confidentiality & accuracy.
  • At the end of the campaign we sent 5,000 brochures to online and phone brochure requester.
  • We delivered a complete database with Name, Address, Phone number and E-mail of 5,000 persons on Ireland.

Benefits for the client

  • Brochure Handling is a Cost effective solution
  • The assembly of the clients brochure is undertaken in-house saving the client further business time and space.
  • Highly efficient service with a quick turnaround
  • Prompt delivery of brochures
  • Guaranteed public awareness of upcoming promotions, special offers and even sales
  • First class databases are provided to the client
  • Data Protection policies are adhered to

To find out more about our brochure handling service please follow this link: http://www.callmanagement.ie/services/brochure-handling/ or contact us

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