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Employee Satisfaction Survey (March 2013)

Call Management biggest asset is its Employees and we recently sent out a survey to all our staff members. We want to find out how happy/unhappy our staff are, not only with their jobs, but the additional training we offer, their expectations and supervision levels.

“Employee satisfaction surveys allow to:
• Recognise and address employee benefits concerns and satisfaction
• Retain quality employees
• Improve overall employee satisfaction and experience a boost in productivity
• Make employee orientations, training sessions and meetings more effective and engaging”

Our main findings are:

61.5% of people in Call management find their job moderately challenging. Having a Challenging job can be good for you and the business as it keeps your motivation at a high level. The more challenging or exciting you find something to be; thecall management graphic employee satisfaction survey more likely you are to stay motivated.

“Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging.” (Joseph Campbell)

77.80% of Call Management’s employees believe that the expectations of their supervisor are set out very realistically.

100% of employees believe that the feedback is handled appropriately by the management team

– We want our staff to know that if for any reasons they were unhappy in the workplace that they can approach any members of management to discuss. The results we received are the results we are striving towards here in Call Management with 89% of staff being extremely satisfied with their job.

96% of our employees enjoy working in Call Management

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