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AHHHH! go on…… Key to avoiding late payments

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses…. Send me a copy invoice, there is no PO number on the invoice, our head office needs to set you up as a supplier, were you not told, company policy, we take 90 days credit…


According to Pay Simple, 49% of small businesses are experiencing these annoying late payments on a monthly basis. Are you one of them?

Most clients will pay on time but some need encouragement,  they may need to get a reminder in the post, e-mail or by a simple telephone call.
The most effective method is a simple courtesy phone call.
“A contact centre can complete the jigsaw by giving you the missing pieces
you need to get paid on time.”

Our job is to eliminate excuses so…….
Eureka 1, We are busy, can you call back… we can schedule call backs to eliminate excuse 1.
Eureka 2, We need an up to date statements… we can e-mail or fax them statements & invoices using your companies e-mail address.
Eureka 3, Can you ring back in the evening…. we operate 24 by 7 so we can chase them all day and night!!!

Not all calls are the same, some clients just need a reminder to pop a cheque in the post but others are just playing a game and will only pay when the games up. You dictate the pace….

This is only one use of outbound calls, you can use this service for appointment reminders, customer care calls and specific campaigns as we enjoy unusual and difficult challenges… Check our services or just… let us know if you have anything in mind: Contact us on +353 214824 300 or +44 2033686822.

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